CZ Scorpion Duckbill Mag Release Lever

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Drop in Duckbill Style magazine release lever for your CZ Scorpion EVO3. This release lever was designed for “tactical” mag changes where the removed magazine is retained by the same hand that is bringing in the fresh mag. The exaggerated lower Duckbill tab/wing provides the ultimate in contact area for confident and controlled magazine changes. The backside of the release is left solid, and can be used to help funnel the fresh magazine up into the magwell. Our Duckbill release fits flush to the trigger guard for seamless integration, and has generous serrations on the slants. This part is available in two material choices: machined or injection molded. The machined variant is made from billet 6061T6 aluminum and anodized hardcoat black per MIL-A-8625. The injection molded variant is made from high temp polymer and duplicates the factory mag release material in both performance and appearance. Both come complete with a new roll pin and spring for worry free installation.

  • Duckbill Magazine Release for CZ EVO3 S1 and A1, fits Pistols and Carbines
  • Designed for Fast Controlled Tactical Mag Changes
  • Exaggerated Lower Tab/Wings Acts as a Funnel
  • Drop In Replacement, Seamless Fitment
  • Available in either Polymer or Aluminum

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.



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Aluminum – Black, Aluminum – Red, Polymer – Black, Aluminum – FDE

31 reviews for CZ Scorpion Duckbill Mag Release Lever

  1. Randall (verified owner)

    A fantastic upgrade to the stock mag release. It is nice and large and easy to thumb while stripping mags and after a few visits to the range with it on, I can’t imagine my Scorpion set up any other way.

  2. Vern W

    What a great addition to my Scorpion! This makes the mag changes super fast and easy. Highly recommended

  3. gregoryburns (verified owner)

    Great upgrade and easy to install. Nicely made also..

  4. Patrick (verified owner)

    One of the must-have upgrades for the CZ Scorpion. (along with the trigger springs, AK style safety lever, and charging handle)

  5. Stuart (verified owner)

    This was great. I did have a little trouble lining up the holes to get the roll pin back in but that seems more like a personal issue. The release is much better than the stock for several reasons. It is easier (and thus, more fun) to strip magazines by using the web of the hand to grab the release. I have also noticed that the mags seem to fall free easier while the chamber is open. The stock release wouldn’t do that and I would guess it has to do with the amount of leverage and force your finger could put on it. if I had another, I would totally buy this again.

  6. Thomas (verified owner)

    One of my favorite upgrades for the EVO 3. It’s much more ergonomic than the OEM mag catch/ release and give the gun a more MP-5 like style. I can not recommend this release enough.

  7. Rich (verified owner)

    I previously got the AK Safety Lever so I figured I would give this a try as well. Another great improvement ergonomics wise over the stock configuration. Very easy to quickly make magazine changes now and the quality is great. I got the polymer version as the original magazine release on the Scorpion is polymer as well. This makes it much easier to reach with your support hand thumb and you can also reach it with your trigger finger if you desire. Another great product that has greatly improved my CZ Scorpion.

  8. Paul Kelley (verified owner)

    This is one of the three upgrades I made so far. All three are I believe must-have upgrades. Ease of operation increases dramatically when you replace the stock charging handle, the mag release and the ak style safety. Fit & finish on all three are great.

    All three were quick and easy to replace – unless you have ten thumbs you can do it.

    Duckbill paddle mag release
    Theta Charging handle
    AK style safety-lever

  9. William (verified owner)

    This release is phenomenal. I got the polymer version to prevent wear and tear on my magazines. This part does everything better than the stock unit. Magazines click in easily, drop free with authority. It’s much easier to actuate with your trigger finger and completely automatic with your support had, but doesn’t seem to get in the way or lead to accidental mag releases. This is a must-do part to the Scorpion.

  10. wpuckett1 (verified owner)

    I installed the Duck Bill Release last week and after shooting a couple hundred rds. I have to say other then replacing the right side safety delete the Duck Bill is the best improvement that can be made to the Scorpion. I had 2 buddies shoot with me at my range yesterday , both of them shooting the S1 Carbine . I’m sure they have already ordered a Duck Bill.

  11. deron hyder (verified owner)

    must have replacement, easy to install and very functional

  12. Michael Crusco (verified owner)

    Great upgrade. I am very pleased. Easy to install and it makes stripping and changing mags much easier. I like the bigger size of the paddle. Nice quality and an excellent product.

  13. Kyle Kimball (verified owner)

    The curved paddle helps save your finger as you strip mags. It is perfectly sized and flows with the weapons angles. Easier to push with your trigger finger than stock release. Mounts flush with trigger guard. Looks very nice.

  14. David (verified owner)

    Outstanding. Was my least favorite upgrade until I installed it. An amazing difference. Don’t pass this up.

  15. rghanson (verified owner)

    im not real good with words but i will say this is the best upgrade that you can do first .
    No idea why this is a factory piece it should be.

  16. tkelm1 (verified owner)

    Customer service second to none. Products HBI stands behind!

  17. Xrambox (verified owner)

    This is an awesome edition to my cz carbine. Hbi makes some great stuff for these scorpions.

  18. Mheilman (verified owner)

    I got this duckbill mag release as well as the theta forward trigger/trigger spring kit/ ak safety/ and extended charging handle. I didn’t realize when i bought the cz- but these upgrades turned the evo from extremely cumbersome to amazing to handle. These upgrades really are a necessity in my view. On top of that, the installations were made very easy when watching HBI’s detailed and clear videos on Youtube. I had some trouble with the spring seating and trigger shoe due to a comparatively oversized sear from the cz factory, so I emailed HBI about it. They quickly replied and sent me replacements no questions asked, along with detailed instructions. I cannot recommend HBI’s products or their customer service highly enough.

  19. c4vette (verified owner)

    Smooth quick forward push and release. Much better than the notchy long throw finger push stock design that comes on the Scorpion.

  20. Kenneth R Noe (verified owner)

    I love it! I got the polymer version. I did have trouble with it working properly with the spring that comes with it. (It seems to be a bit longer than the factory version). Just used the factory spring instead and worked great. Mag changes are definitely faster with this. Great product and great company!

  21. Paul B. (verified owner)

    Outstanding Product. Installed in minutes with a 1/8” Roll Pin Punch and Hammer. Functions flawlessly and build is excellent quality. Excellent addition and I’m super satisfied.

  22. Ron (verified owner)

    Great improvement over the original. Positioning the spring takes a couple tries but a easy install.

  23. justin (verified owner)


  24. Trevor (verified owner)

    I didn’t realize there was an issue with mag release until I finally bought this one. Much needed

  25. Chad (verified owner)

    Very nice upgrade, I opted for the aluminum version and it is so much better than stock. More purchase area and more definite release. Wish I could release it with shooting finger but it takes too much pressure to do it easily and consistently so I stick with the mag changing hand release. I still can’t minus a full star as the part is of high quality and makes the mag change a ton easier.

  26. Will (verified owner)

    Great product. Got the polymer duckbill. Much better than stock, mag changes are a breeze, very smooth. Only thing I might do differently would be to have the non-duckbill, straight version, but with the tab length of the duckbill. I think that would be optimal. I may round off the bottom of the index finger push parts. If you do support hand mag changes and grab high at the base of the trigger guard it can dig into your thumb a bit.

    Overall a fantastic product. There is a reason HBI has the great reputation it does.

  27. Castle888 (verified owner)

    I agree w everyone else! Changing out mags is a breeze now! No need to look down to release mag, the paddle is so big, I can do with my eyes closed. Lol.

  28. ernesto herrera

    Ordered the duckbill mag release. Way cooler and easier way to drop them mags. Easy to install too. Great job hbi!

  29. Andrew Catanese (verified owner)

    Never realized how much I would appreciate the extended paddle. The length provides the perfect grip & rip for clearing an empty mag when reloading. If you’ve got long enough fingers, it can also be reached by your trigger finger with ease.

  30. Radam (verified owner)

    MAKE SURE TO WATCH THE HOW TO VIDEO ON YOUTUBE BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO INSTALL. One of my favorite upgrades from HBI, but it is easy to pinch the return spring when installing. Luckily, if you order the hardware kit, which I’d strongly recommend for the price, it comes with a spare. CZ put a small hole just above the spring that the spring likes to try to jump into if you don’t wedge it properly. If it does and you then compress it you’ll ruin the spring. Once you use this though, you’ll wonder how you ever got by with the stock or even Magpul release. This is a tanky chunk of aluminum instead of its plastic counter parts. Makes mag swaps lightning quick, intuitive and comfortable. Couldn’t be happier with it and I’m convinced anyone else will be just as pleased.

  31. Josh W. (verified owner)

    Bought this and I still don’t know if I like it… Definitely better than stock, but it’s not very ergonomic, and I’m afraid I might dump a Mag if I catch it on gear or clothing. I think the smaller release might be the way to go.

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