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HBI handguard series for your CZ Scorpion EVO3. Our handguards are Magpul M-LOK compatible and come in several different lengths and styles. They are designed to “free float” the barrel and allow users to shroud any round suppressor body up to 1.57″ in outside diameter. Sleek and ergonomic, every aspect of each variant has been fine tuned for functional use of forward grips, finger stops, sling mounts, lights, and of course the widest compatibility of suppressor mounting types and lengths.  Our handguards are machined from 6061 aluminum and hard coat anodized to MIL-A-8625. To remove the OEM barrel nut you may need a barrel nut tool, available here: CZ Scorpion Pistol Barrel Nut Tool or Evo Carbine Barrel Nut Tool.

  • 4.25″, 6.84″, 11.25″, and 11.50″ Handguards for the CZ Scorpion
  • M-LOK Accessory Interface
  • Clearance for 1.57″ OD Suppressors
  • Machined Aluminum 6061
  • Anodized MIL-A-8625 Type 3 Hard Coat

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA. 922r Compliant.

PLEASE NOTE: Aluminum handguards preform best with polymer charging handles (like the factory charging handle). Aftermarket aluminum charging handles (including our own) can cause increased friction and in some cases may not run as smooth due to the aluminum-to-aluminum interface.


Scorpion Micro/K: For those interested in converting to a Micro/K style, the factory Scorpion pistol or carbine barrel must be shortened and re-threaded. We have developed a 5.3″ barrel spec that runs all 115/124/147 factory ammunition (including subsonic) using all factory bolt and recoil components; both WITH and WITHOUT a suppressor mounted.

Micro/K Barrel Specification: HBI SCORPION MICRO/K BARREL.

Barrel Nut Tools: Evo Pistol Barrel Nut Tool or Evo Carbine Barrel Nut Tool

OEM Barrels from CZ-USA: CZ-USA Pistol Barrel or CZ-USA Carbine Barrel

Length Specs for Shrouding Suppressors: HBI EVO HANDGUARDS 2D OUTLINE DRAWING.

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 18 in
Handguard Configuration

4.25" Micro/K, 6.84" Angle, 6.84" Flat, 11.25" Flat, 11.50" Angle

Complete Kit or Shroud Only

Complete Kit, Shroud Only


Black, FDE, OD Green, Grey

31 reviews for CZ Scorpion M-LOK Handguards

  1. Emmanuel Govea (verified owner)

    Just installed the handguard. Seems very solid. Finish does have a bit of a texturing look but smooth finish. I installed it on a newer version of the pistol, once you install the flash hider it does leave about 1/2 inch of 18mm threads exposed. Overall great product.

  2. BRUNO (verified owner)

    I am now the proud owner of a CZ Scorpion with a new free floating aluminum pistol-length hand guard from HB Industries. It is much nicer that the OEM plastic guard. If you have a pistol, be sure to also get a HBI barrel nut removal tool, it is a real time-saver. The hand guard itself is beautiful piece of work and a breeze to install. Be sure to review the useful YouTube HBI installation video. I also used a Brownells Handguard alignment tool (080-000-368WB) to make sure hand guard pica tinny rail junction was perfect and tight while installing the four 8×20 screws. Be sure to rotate tightening of the four screws for a consistent fit. I used Blue Locktite 242 thread-locking compound when such a compound was suggested. As with previous review, I also noticed that there was about 1/2″ of exposed 18mm threads after installation of my EWK 1/2-28 Scorpion thread adapter. My Scorpion was a “World-Legal” model that had a welded trigger case screw. Many thanks to HB Industries for the excellent quality aftermarket parts, tools and installation videos that enable the Scorpion to be a better refined firearm.

  3. Mark T. (verified owner)

    I installed the pistol length handguard and found it to be well designed and easy to install. As the previous reviewer mentioned, I also recommend purchasing the barrel nut tool. Removing the nut was the most difficult portion of the installation. After noticing the exposed threads the other reviews mentioned, I replaced the barrel nut to give a more finished look. For the fit, finish, usability, and design, it is an excellent value and a much needed addition to the Scorpion.

  4. Jason B

    Just installed the micro handguard and it looks great. Another quality product from HB Industries

  5. Steve_MP5 (verified owner)

    I went the carbine length route for my SBR. Wanted that look of the suppressor hiding underneath. Get the barrel nut tool, you’ll need it. Other people have commented about exposed threads. Reinstall the barrel nut and you won’t have that problem. I reused mine because i run the HKparts tri lug adapter. Posted a video about it on YouTube. Great product and I hope they release the k barrel for purchase!

  6. Nate O’Brien (verified owner)

    Yet another glowing review for an HBI product. I received my Pistol length handguard along with an assortment of other modifications (Delta Trigger, Safety Delete, Spare Parts Kit, Barrel Nut Tool, Etc). I saved the handguard replacement for last, as it seemed like the most involved and technically demanding job. Right off the bat, I realized why HBI sells the barrel nut removal tool. I’m *so glad* I purchased this tool. CZ uses so much damned loc-tite on the barrel nut, that even with a 1/2″ ratchet, barrel nut removal tool, and a vise, it took some serious force to break that thing. The first 3 complete turns of the nut were made in 1/4 turn increments, slowly, with a lot of force. That being said, having a vise, or something to hold your Scorpion in place while you break that nut, is essential…. However, once the nut is loosened, the polymer handguard starts flopping around, and you can see that it’s essentially the only thing holding the hand guard to the rest of firearm.

    Once that was off, I cleaned up the factory CLP, and it was off to the races with the aluminum handguard. My CZ looks so damn sharp now. I did choose to use the Delta charging handle, and with application of *heavy grease*, it does operate relatively smoothly. However, I would highly recommend using grease (I first used Slide Glide, then went up to Molykote 111, which helped even more), and *not* CLP for lubrication between the charging handle and aluminum handguard. I do wish that HBI would create some sort of product that would act as a permanent sliding rail, so that it’s no longer aluminum on aluminum (Both the charging handle and the handguard are so cool, you really don’t want to choose between one or the other, trust me).

    Other than these small speed bumps, the modification of my EVO is complete, and I now have the ultimate home defense platform, which is also amazingly fun and ergonomic to shoot. Thank You, HBI!!

  7. Brian (verified owner)

    I initially went with the CZ carbine length handguard but felt the classic look was more appealing. I’ve got other HBI products and can say they’re all GRADE A Awesome. Snapped the 6.84 inch angled handguard on and even got the extended aluminium charging handle to run smoothly (oil,oil,oil). Fit and finish are excellent. Install is a piece of cake and the overall look is just what I was looking for. You can’t go wrong with this company, their products or their customer service.

  8. deron hyder (verified owner)

    looks great, easy to install. cz hand guard is very plain and needs to be replaced, hb hand guard is perfect thank you

  9. Jouji H,

    Just receieved my handgaurd (flat 6″) today. This is way better quality than the stock version. Customer service is amazing and was totally worth waiting for it to come back into stock.

  10. jobranam (verified owner)

    Received Square front FDE Handguard and installed in about 20 mins AFTER removing the barrel nut. The barrel nut was a challenge. All in all, first rate product all the way Would order from these folks anytime and probably will !!!! Jack

  11. Clinton McCabe (verified owner)

    Got the 6.84″ square handguard to upgrade my pistol. Dudes its seriously so awesome. The new handguard feels super slim without the added width of the picatinny rails. Install was so easy my daughter could’ve done it. With exception to the safety upgrade, my scorpion has ALL the HB product upgrades, and its so fukn sweet. Love this gun!

  12. Joseph B. (verified owner)

    Ordered the 6.84″ Angled Hand-guard kit on a Friday evening, and had it Monday when I got home from work. Awesome shipping speed HBi! Install was super simple and easy. Fit and finish of the hand-guard and the other components is flawless. Gun looks better, and feels much better.

  13. Hollis Cox (verified owner)

    Your handguard is the best. Absolute perfection on all the pieces for installation. I am very impressed. Thanks for exactly what I needed.

  14. Ben (verified owner)

    This Handguard is a must have. It is so smooth and way better than the stock cheese grater handguard. This handguard with the Magpul mlok handstop looks amazing.

  15. Austintejas25 (verified owner)

    The install could not have been easier. They make a fine product. Looks great and very solid. Do yourself a favor and get the barrel nut removal tool as well.

  16. Jochen (verified owner)

    Ordered Friday, had it Monday. Excellent quality, easy install, great work HBI. Thanks!

  17. Branden F

    Just got the 6.84″ angled handguard, fitment is super easy and fits perfectly on my skorp. Finish on it almost matches the rifle 1-1.
    Excellent upgrade over the factory plastic, love it and couldn’t be happier. Plus their customer service is top notch, Thanks to Pat!!!!

  18. Yamaharyoko (verified owner)

    I like the product. It wasn’t too difficult to install. Some noteables

    The timing index on the mounting block has about 15 thou clearance. This allows it to tilt slightly left and right in alignment. This is hard to control, as there are allowable and unpredictable tolerances on the gun.

    The width of the mounting block is notably smaller than the width of the handguard. This is controlled, as HBI makes both products. The screws essentially crush it to size. Minus points here, as this is a manufacturing process fit.

    When I mounted the handguard and set the gun upside down on its rail, the HBI slopes upward (tgis is downward when right side up) about an 8th of an inch. I spent 45 minutes on this and concluded the following.

    1. HBI’s handguard is flat and square (points)

    2. The polymer on the gun is not, causing this issue

    3. My original carbine handguard does the same thing.

    So really I dont see what else could be done, except for shimming the joint which I felt was hokey.

    Lastly, the spring tensioner of the charging handle slides smoothly on the original polymer. It gouges on the aluminum. This would be difficult to improve on the aluminum handguard. There may be another way with changes to the aftermarket charging handle. For now, I charged it back and forth 50 times and its moving smoother.

    Im case anyone is wondering, I used a 21mm deep socket and an impact driver while another person braced the gun. Piece of cake.

  19. Cole (verified owner)

    I have both the 6.84″ Angled Handguard & 4.25″ Micro/K Handguards. These are top notch products that I would highly recommend. Beyond that they have wonderful customer service. Pat, at HBI provided me with extra bolts when I stripped a few on my handguard (my fault). Don’t hesitate to own one of these.

  20. kylar96 (verified owner)

    I got the straight cut, grey on my grey pistol variant evo. Its super well made, fits like a glove, and looks and works great with my Omega9k with tri lug. I absolutely love the look and feel. Install took me about 20 mins, taking my time. Hbi has super cool videos, and they are a phone call away, and always support. 4 hour range trip today, proved zero issues. I wish I did this a day after buying my grey variant. HBI for the win, yet again.

  21. Brian McGhee (verified owner)

    Very well made and easy to install as long as you follow the very clear instructions provided by HBI. This is a great upgrade over either of the OEM plastic handguards.

  22. Owen Brooks

    I love the handguard, only problem which isnt too big of an issue but my charging handle has a little wiggle room coming back n forth, seems like charging handle is too short, anyone know how to fix that?

  23. Steven Perkins (verified owner)

    Awesome hand guard, I got the 6.8 flat style in FDE the color match is great and the fit and finish are great too, I had a screw that wasn’t threaded right and I called customer service and Pat sent me out some new ones right away thanks guys will definitely order from HBI again.

  24. Gregory Gilleland (verified owner)

    Overall a great quality hand gaurd. My barrel nut was a huge pain to get off. You need a good Vise, Barrel Nut tool, and a willingness to bang your knuckles when the tool slips off and you are applying enough force to even try and budge it. Beyond that, color doesnt match exactly so if that bothers you, you might want to factor in a cerakote job to your budget.

  25. CHAD L JOHNSON (verified owner)

    Great fit and finish. Install was a breeze with the HBI barrel nut tool. Plenty of mlok space for whatever you want. Plus free floating the barrel for better accuracy. Best hand guard on the market at a fair price. Thanks HBI.

  26. Radam (verified owner)

    Don’t allow the very few 4 star ratings on here sway you. This beautiful chunk of aluminum is built like a tank while remaining light weight and comfortable to hold, despite how you choose to grip it. The milling, texture and color are all top notch. These guys know how to treat customers, ship orders quick and efficient, but best of all, make quality products that far exceed the industry standard. I’m convinced that any company out there wishing to succeed could learn a thing or two from HB Industries. If they make anything you’re looking for, look no further. Anything else is settling for less.

  27. T Carmine (verified owner)

    Great product and great customer service handguards fit like a dream immaculate finish. Other upgrades are a must trigger spring safeties etc.

  28. Christopher Albers (verified owner)

    The 11.25″ handguard is well made and looks good. However, I have a couple of criticisms. First, the roll pin that retains the charging hand is not long enough. It ends short of the far side of the guard and only holds at 3 out of 4 points. Plus, it’s not a very tight fit at all. Second, there should be M-lok holes on the 45deg surfaces, top and bottom. Maybe they didn’t put them in because there’s not enough room? I only have two choices to mount my light now, under the muzzle, or on the side BEHIND my suppressor. I can’t mount my light up front because the M-lok lugs rub up against my suppressor. The only place there is clearance is on the bottom, but my hand-stop is there. If there were cuts on the 45s, there would be enough clearance. Looks like I’ll have to find a machinist to do it for me… but why HB doesn’t make it that way is a mystery to me. There isn’t a lot or room, but smaller holes, like 6 or 7 running from the muzzle would work well.

  29. jjharley1999

    I purchased the 6.84” and a few other parts from Mike yesterday and installed them last night, everything was perfect right down to the color match of the scorpion, The customer service you get from Mike and HB Industries is gonna be really hard to match. The reason I say that is because I deal with a variety of firearm manufacterers and vendors that just don’t seem to care…So Thank You HB Industries and Mike for making me feel like a valued customer….John

  30. BC-Fort Worth (verified owner)

    I finally decided to remove the cheese grater from my CZ Scorpion and replaced it with HB Industries M-Lock Flat 6.84″ hand guard. This hand guard is the proper gauge thickness. The HBI guard is fabricated and machined above the standard. The form factor is comfortable to hold. The machining, milling, texture and color are excellent. Mike B knows how to treat customers, and this product shipped quickly. By the way, Get The Tool to remove the CZ (cheese grater) guard. Save yourself the aggravation. By watching the videos, installation was straight forward and easy. In closing, I compared HB Industries with three competitors. HB Industries is a top tier company in technical service, product, and value.

  31. Jas (verified owner)

    Love my new hand guard, just wish HB made the 11 in hand guards in multiple colors as well to be able to shroud a suppressor. Other than that couldn’t be more pleased with the ease of installation, the perfectly machined fit, and the aesthetic.

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