CZ Bren 2 Handguard 10.8″ M-Lok (GEN 2)

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Our Gen 2 handguards your CZ Bren 2 MS feature a window at the gas block that has been carefully designed to allow operator access to gas system adjustments while in use. The gas block window is bridged with a removable 1913 plate. With the 1913 plate removed, the gas block and regulator are exposed for complete disassembly and cleaning. This two piece design allows access to the gas system without having to remove the handguard shroud (and any sights/optics/force multipliers) from the weapon.

This 10.8″ handguard is ideal for all 11″ and 14″ barrel Bren 2 MS models in both 556/223 and 7.62×39 calibers. Our 10.8″ handguards are designed to truly “free float” the barrel and provide the operator with over 2x the support hand area and over 5x the M-Lok positions as compared to the factory Bren 2 MS handguard. PEQ-15/ATPIAL type IR sight systems are easily mounted out front above your support hand thanks to a full length continuous 1913/picatiny top rail. Our handguard includes an integrated QD mounting plate system for seamless sling integration on either the left or right side.

Additionally, we are proud to offer a direct mount light variant compatible with Surefire® 300/600, StreamLight® Protac Rail, Modlite 18650 series, and other popular bodies. The simple and robust mounting design replaces a single M-Lok position with body specific mounting geometry for weapon lights. This light mounting solution offers the simplest, lowest profile, lightest weight, and arguably most rigid light body integration at no additional cost. If your application requires a weapon light, you might want to consider this option.


  • 10.8″ M-Lok Handguards for the CZ Bren 2 MS
  • Gen 2 Two Piece Design With Direct Access to Gas Regulator
  • M-Lok Accessory Interface, Full Length 1913 Top Rail
  • QD Mounting Plate Included
  • Optional Direct Mount Light Geometry for select Surefire® and StreamLight® Bodies
  • Total Weight Installed is 9.34 oz (Factory Bren 2 MS Pistol Handguard is 10.27oz)
  • Machined Aluminum 6061,  Anodized MIL-A-8625 Type 3 Hard Coat
  • Multiple Patents Pending

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA. 922r Compliant.

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10.8" M-Lok, 10.8" M-Lok w/ Direct Light Mount

3 reviews for CZ Bren 2 Handguard 10.8″ M-Lok (GEN 2)

  1. Jared

    Awesome part on my 11″ plenty of room for my hand and a light

  2. Shahzeb (verified owner)

    probably the best upgrade you can do to the CZ Bren 2 after the HBI trigger. Have it on my 11.17″ 5.56 gun. CZ should ship with these from the factory. As always, great CS and super fast shipping from HBI. Highly recommend.

  3. MK (verified owner)

    Damn good upgrade. I have the 14 and adding this on turned the Bren 2 into such a beast. Adding a light and pressure pad was easy as well.

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