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HBI drop in trigger for the CZ Bren 2. Our flat faced trigger for the Bren 2 reduces take-up by over 35% and nearly eliminates over-travel after the sear releases the hammer. We machine our Bren 2 trigger to fit both the lower receiver and the sear/disconnector assembly more precisely than the molded factory trigger. All of the enhanced geometry of our trigger is the result of careful and deliberate design and manufacturing. There are no set screws, no fitting, and no adjustments needed to factory parts. This is a precision part that elevates the performance of the Bren2 fire control group to the next level. Machined from aerospace grade aluminum, black is anodized hardcoat/type3 per MIL-A-8625, colors are anodized type2 per MIL-A-8625. US patent is pending.

  • CZ Bren 2 Enhanced Trigger
  • Flat Trigger with 35% Reduction in Pre-Travel Take Up
  • Nearly Eliminates Over-Travel
  • Made in USA, 922R Compliant
  • Available in Black, Red, and Tungsten

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.


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Tungsten, Black, Red

8 reviews for CZ Bren 2 Trigger

  1. Frank (verified owner)

    Easy install. Very good video on how to remove and reassemble. Really like an AR trigger install.
    Should sell the trigger AND disconnector as a package .

  2. fellintooblivion (verified owner)

    Installing a trigger can be a daunting process if you’ve never done it but the install video they have on this site is very thorough and detailed. Set up your phone or tablet near your work station and follow the video step by step, pausing as you go. Will take you around an hour or so.

    This trigger almost completely eliminates the slack/take up/ and creep of the factory Bren 2 trigger. If you’re used to a two stage AR trigger and try to pre-load this, it’s going to go off before you’re ready because the break is incredibly crisp.

    Very high quality, no tool marks or rough edges.

    The red version is a very metallic red that looks great against the jet black color of the Bren 2.

  3. brownkid (verified owner)

    Great upgrade at an affordable price. Does not alter the trigger pull weight (this is a good thing) which is already in the 4-5 lb range. Eliminates 60-70% of the trigger take-up and 80-90% of the over travel. This mod makes the trigger feel like what you would want in a really nice high end DMR, which is amazing considering this trigger is in a “pistol”. Short of an adjustable precision rifle trigger (which you actually don’t want in a gun like this) I don’t think I’ve felt a better trigger on any other rifle. As a side benefit, this trigger also takes up the minor side to side slop in the factory trigger and the trigger is rock solid (no movement at all) when you engage the safety.

  4. John (verified owner)

    For the money works great. Just get it.

  5. John (verified owner)

    trigger works as advertised. Excellent product

  6. Travis Haessly (verified owner)

    Not only does this trigger look amazing in red but its oh so crisp. This is a high value low cost upgrade.

  7. George Martin (verified owner)

    Bought the trigger the charging handle and the safety selectors. All are top quality and the trigger is fantastic.Very short take up and reset.Almost as good as my STI DVC P

  8. Rab (verified owner)

    Nice trigger. Fit and finish are excellent. Improves on an already good stock trigger pull. Installation was easy due to the instruction video. If you can install a trigger in an AR, you can install this.

    Got the red color, really stands out against the black on the rest of the gun.

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