CZ P10 Reduced Weight Striker Spring Set

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Reduced weight striker spring set for CZ P10-S, P10-C, P10-F. The CZ P10 family has a great trigger out of the box, with pull weights ranging from 4.25-5.25lbs. Our springs are designed to reduce the weight by -10% or -15% (depending on which spring you have installed).

  • CZ P10 Reduced Weight Trigger Spring Set
  • Includes -10% and -15% Reduced Weight Striker Springs
  • Includes Delrin Slave Pin to Assist in Compressing Striker
  • Fits ALL CZ-UB and CZ-USA P10 models (incl. P10S, P10C, P10F)

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.

2 reviews for CZ P10 Reduced Weight Striker Spring Set

  1. Nathan Dively (verified owner)

    Just received mine. I put the 15% reduction one and it dropped my stock trigger pull of 5lbs to 4.5 lbs. I was not expecting exact 15% drop because springs are springs. good product. I’m going to polish internals eventually to see if it drops any lower. I’m pleased with results with dry fire. Will range test soon.

  2. William (verified owner)

    I had a gunsmith install the theta trigger using the 15% spring. It reduced the take up & travel but weight reduction doesn’t seem to be much. Installed a light wt reprofiled strike & that combination did reduce the pull a little more. Perhaps as the trigger wears in the pull at will come down. I do recommend the theta trigger & reduced wt springs.

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