CZ Pistol Torx Grip Screws, Black Stainless

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High quality stainless steel Torx screws for CZ pistol grips. The Torx pattern prevents driver cam-out; no more slipping flat blade drivers, rounded out Allen or Hex heads, or stripped Phillips screws. Not only are these Torx screws more aesthetically pleasing than the factory screws, they will also be the last set of grip screws that you ever need to buy for your CZ pistol. Direct factory replacement for the following pistols:

  • CZ 75 (incl. Shadow, SP01, Compact, TS, CZC ProTek, and more)
  • CZ 82/83
  • CZ 85
  • CZ 97
  • P-01
  • P-06
  • PCR

Included with each set of screws are two double serrated Belleville conical/spring lock washers. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

  • 2X Stainless Steel Torx Screws, Black Oxide Class 4
  • 2X Serrated Belleville Conical Spring Lock Washers

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.

2 reviews for CZ Pistol Torx Grip Screws, Black Stainless

  1. Brett M

    Perfect fitment with my CZC aluminum grips, and they look amazing! Will be buying more for my other CZ pistols

  2. Keith (verified owner)

    Perfect. They look much better than stock and they dont strip or wear like stock screws.

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