CZ P10 Theta Trigger Kit

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The Theta trigger for the CZ P10 is a flat faced trigger that reduces pre-travel take up by 4mm with respect to the factory trigger. There are no adjustable screws or failure points, the pre-travel reduction is achieved through solid geometry that is machined into the body of the trigger. Our P10 Theta trigger kit also allows the user to tune the trigger pull weight by using the either of the included -10% or -15% striker springs. Our trigger fits all Sub-Compact (P10S), Compact (P10C), and Full Size (P10F) models, including the P10F 45ACP variant.

When compared to other firearms in it’s class, the CZ P10 really does have a great trigger out of the box. It breaks clean with about 4.25-5.25lbs weight. However, if you are looking to remove the pre-travel take up, and/or drop the weight down by -10% to -15%, then our P10 Theta trigger kit is for you. Our triggers are precision machined from billet aluminum, available in several colors, and of course all components made in the USA.

  • P10 Theta Trigger Kit
  • Flat Trigger with 4mm Reduction in Pre-Travel Take Up
  • Includes -10% and -15% Reduced Weight Striker Springs
  • Fits ALL CZ-UB and CZ-USA P10 models (incl. P10S, P10C, P10F, P10F 45ACP)
  • Approved for use in USPSA Production Division
  • Machined Aluminum 6061-T6
  • Made in USA, Drop In Replacement

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.


Congratulations! If you have made it this far into the description of our P10 triggers, you are really doing your research! You deserve a special reward 🙂 In the link below you will find unbiased, unsolicited, data driven feedback on this trigger published by a customer that paid full retail price for the parts. One thing that you will not find are advertisements, or search engine ranking terms or tricks to help the author gain popularity. It is one customer’s honest feedback in its most simplest and elegant form: Minivan Doorgunner: CZ P-10C HBI Theta Flat Trigger . Special thank you to the author for taking the time and making this information available to everyone.

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Black, Red, Tungsten, Burnt Orange

56 reviews for CZ P10 Theta Trigger Kit

  1. Will (verified owner)

    I had zero issues with installation. It all went together with no fitting. Finish is great, and there are no visible machine marks. I left the CZ striker spring in place as I was already getting trigger pulls between 4 lb 6 oz to 4 lb 8 oz. The HB Ind trigger shoe by itself dropped it to 3 lb 15 oz on my Lyman gauge, which is perfect for me. This also seems to have remedied the trigger finger pinch and blister through several hundred dry fires and a short range session. Now, let’s replicate the rear sight in steel with a plain black serrated blade…hint hint

  2. Chris (verified owner)

    How do you make the P10c even better? Look no further than this trigger. Great video to guide us with, as always. Keep up the great work……and taking my money, lol.

  3. David M.

    The stock trigger is awesome and great right out of the box but the Theta trigger is other worldly. Best trigger on a striker fired pistol I have ever shot with (stock or aftermarket) its really down right amazing and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one.

  4. Curt (verified owner)

    Great Theta trigger for the cz p10c. Super smooth and sick reset. Would recommend it to all cz p10c owners. HB Industries keep up the good work.

  5. Brent

    I was a fan of the stock P10c trigger out of the box and was not planning on replacing it until I saw the HB theta. Installation was simple and the on line video spot on. The new trigger completely changed the feel of P10 and eliminated a lot of the pre-travel. In short, you can’t go wrong with this trigger upgrade.

  6. TLX (verified owner)

    I love the look of the trigger and the smoothness of the pull and reset. Only gave 4 stars because my finger keeps getting pinched.

  7. CW (verified owner)

    Nicely made trigger, with easy installation!!! The stock trig caused blisters when shooting a lot, but with the HB Industies trigger I’ve done over 500 at a time with no wear and tear to me or the gun!
    Using the lightest striker spring provided and lightly polishing the necessary points, after over 2000 rds, using my Lyman gage I’m still getting about 4 lbs as my average. For competition, I’d like to see about 2 lbs. Do you anticipate any competition trigger kits in the future?

  8. Mike (verified owner)

    What a HUGE improvement! The stock trigger was giving me a blister after about 50 rounds and it’s much too nice a gun to put up with that. I bought the burnt orange and installed the 3 lb. spring and it feels great! A fantastic upgrade to a really nice pistol.

  9. James (verified owner)

    Not being a “Gunsmith” I was hesitant to think I could do a trigger swap..watched the video install a couple times, and went with it.. once broke down I got out the dremel and hit quite a few areas and smoothed any and all metal to metal and metal to frame areas, the black finish is anything but smooth… Once done after thoroughly cleaning I reassembled and…OMFG!!! THE PISTOL IS TRANSFORMED!! The take up and over travel feel like they are GONE by comparison to factory, now the small stacking after you hit the wall before the break is all but gone! I can not say the trigger dqid that but it’s likely due to the polishing but I am SO happy with the pistols new trigger and polishing I can’t believe it’s the same gun.. It for mine is day and night..

  10. Charley (verified owner)

    Today was a first for me. I have never worked on one of my handguns myself but I did manage to install my Tungsten HBI’s trigger today. I watched the installation video a few times and actually played it while I was installing the trigger. Things could not have gone smoother. I used the 3.5 pound striker spring which resulted in a smooth, crisp trigger pull of 4.35 pounds with slightly reduced take-up, no over travel and a very short reset. I could not be happier with the results and would recommend the HBI CZ P-10 C Theta Kit to everyone.

  11. John Pinnell (verified owner)

    Best improvement for the P10c! The HBI trigger shoe is soooo much more comfortable to shoot! And you get 2 different striker springs so you can tune the trigger to your liking.The stock trigger was good but this made it amazing! Also the guys at HBI are also very responsive if you have any questions.

  12. Mark (verified owner)

    Like others say the P10c has a great pull and reset, but this is much more comfortable! Very easy installation too!

  13. ADM (verified owner)

    Installed the tungsten Theta trigger in my P10C suppressor ready model tonight. Very straight forward install if you watch the video a few times and have the proper tools. I must have gotten unlucky with the P10C I have. The stock trigger was breaking right at 6lbs. Decided to go with the 3lbs. striker spring to lower the pull weight as much as possible. Did lower the pull weight, but I preferred the feel of the 3.5lbs. striker spring installed. Pull weight lowered approximately 1lbs. going from the stock to 3.5 striker spring. Reduced pre travel and a trigger shoe much more comfortable to the finger is worth every penny to me though. Maybe HB Industries or CZ will come out with a trigger return spring to help lower my pull weight in the future. Truthfully the trigger shoe alone is well worth the $65, highly recommended!

  14. M.S. (verified owner)

    Thank you, HBI! Great trigger.

  15. Anthony (verified owner)

    Great trigger nice upgrade to my p10c. Shipping was fast and installation a breeze with the great video.

  16. Brian g (verified owner)

    Install took 1/2 hour… not bad! The roll pins took a little more force to remove than I was expecting, nothing too bad though. The install went smooth and the trigger is great! I kept the factory spring and just replaced the trigger…. much improved! Takeup is much less and the grinding and grit I was getting from the stock setup is gone! Highly recommended!

  17. jack.blaguar (verified owner)

    So, I’ve done this upgrade 4 times. …All in one night. (LOL) It was easy enough the first time, but once I put the pistol back together, the trigger didn’t work. Long story short (which I already typed and deleted), the trigger bar disconnector and spring had flown out without me noticing, and there was a great gnashing of teeth and lots of wailing. Once I realized what was missing, the search was over pretty quickly. After getting everything back together for the final time, I have to say, it was worth every penny, and worth all the trouble I made for myself. (I can now do this trigger swap in about 3 1/2 minutes. ) I opted to install the 3 lb striker spring, and it feels SO nice. The flat trigger and flush safety make this the most satsfying aftermarket gun part purchase I’ve ever made.

  18. Josh DeSpain

    Fantastic trigger. The P10c is nearly perfection out of the box. With the Theta, it is pure perfection.

  19. MountieHoosier (verified owner)

    This turns a very good trigger into an outstanding trigger. Every time I pull the trigger it feels like breaking the stem on a champagne glass. This installed without any fitment issues on my p10c with a 2018 serial number.
    Your p10c is not complete without this trigger kit.

  20. DesertMarine

    I just installed a red trigger kit in my P10c. I bought mine from CZ Custom since HB is out of stock but I wanted to leave a review here, since I believe it is a HB product. The kit is awesome. After learning how to disassemble and assemble the pistol, installing the kit was easy.
    The stock trigger would dig in to my trigger finger pad to where it was uncomfortable to shoot more than five rounds. Trigger pull was 4-5 lbs.
    With the Theta trigger is is a constant 4 lbs but feels lighter.
    Pre-travel feels shorter, great release and no overtravel.
    I did polish off the coating on the MIM part (sear maybe) and striker pin.
    Now to get the slide release to where I don’t need a 2 lb hammer to release it.

  21. Rusty67 (verified owner)

    Man, I was shooting good with the stock trigger but, I got the theta trigger installed and wow. It feels great, so smooth and definitely improved my groups. The theta trigger doesn’t hurt my finger. Thank you for such a great product.

  22. Bhallman (verified owner)

    Great trigger!!! Roll pins were a b***h to get out but other than that everything was smooth. Reduced the uptake, short reset, and a nice clean break!! Well worth it. I hesitated for a long time, now I wish I would have gotten it sooner. Makes the already great trigger of the P-10c WAY better!!!

  23. David (verified owner)

    this trigger changes the gun completely for the better . shoots amazing thx great product. the reset is short and no more grit. thx HB

  24. Chrystopher Lee

    The CZ P10c is my first handgun purchase. I have shotguns my whole life and I am an army veteran.I have a rifle and shotgun, but decided the way the world is getting kind of need to have the means to defend myself and my family and friends from danger oh, so I went with the p10c and I am glad I did, it is great it off thin box,but with this HBI trigger upgrade, that I have been looking at videos and doing a little research on I wanted to fill it before I ordered online oh, so I walked in my local gun shop where I bought my p10c and he happened to have one that I got to try first and within seconds of dry firing in the store,I told him I will purchase it.This was a world of difference,It took out over half of the already very little pre travel in the trigger play and my finger no longer gets pinched during a range session.This trigger upgrade is the best upgrade I have done, this is definitely the best with my night fision night sights a close second.

  25. Trevor

    Not only does it look good, it feels awesome. Love the install vids from HBI, just makes it easy and fun to do all these mods.

  26. Ryan (verified owner)

    First off, I love the Theta trigger. Take up was sinificantly reduced. I appreciate the engeineering behind the striker springs. I like that my trigger pull isn’t actually 3.5 lbs. HBI made the aftermarket springs around the original (an ~4.5 lb pull). My inital pull was around ~5.2. After installing the HBI striker sponging the pull dropped to around 4.2 lbs. the reduction in trigger pressure is relative, not absolute. Also, shoutout to Paul!!! He refunded me the First Responder Discount after I already paid for the product. Y’all didn’t have to do that, but I appreciate it a lot. I know a few guys with P10Cs, I’ll definitely be referring them.

  27. Tim Peludat (verified owner)

    Simply awesome!!! Best $65 I have spent on a pistol, ever!

  28. Cameron

    I traded my stock p10c to a friend in a trade for some other guns, and really missed having it. He put a theta trigger in it, and I shot it when we went to the range and really had to have it back. I made him an offer and now I’m never getting rid of it again! It was the best trigger in a striker fired gun I’d ever shot before, but now it’s even better. Perfect take up, clean break, and very short reset!

  29. David Sisk (verified owner)

    I installed the Theta trigger and striker spring today. Took my time and got it all right. Having the right tools is a big help as always. This kit makes an already very good striker fired gun’s trigger noticeably better and is worth the money and effort. I chose a red trigger and it looks great. This is my second purchase from HBI having previously purchased the CZ Scorpion trigger spring upgrade kit.

  30. CZ-HEAD

    love it what a difference it makes just by changing a part.
    funny thing is it makes me want to shoot more it’s very enjoyable.
    thanks HBI for bringing such a craftsmanship for the CZ-P-10 and i hope more enjoyable parts come out for it and I’m sure i would be inline for it.

  31. Christopher Young (verified owner)

    I’ll start off by saying I’m a definite fan of flat-faced triggers and was happy to find a company that offered them for the CZ P10 lineup. I ordered a red Theta trigger kit for my P10F and it shipped same day to my surprise! Kudos to HBI there! I installed it myself (3lbs spring) by following along with their YouTube video and installation was fairly easy. Looks great and pistols functions as well if not better than before, but there’s a noticeable difference in surface area for my finger. Can’t wait to hit the range and put it through it’s paces! Thanks HBI!

  32. Brian Bilyeu

    I followed the video and found the trigger and 3.5 lb spring easy to install.
    I put one box of ammo through my pistol and love it (wish I had more time). The trigger is comfortable with a great feel. Making an excellent pistol even better!

    Thank you HBI!

  33. Emilio

    I have had the product for about 200 rounds now and felt like it deserves a review. I may review it later on in the future as like an update review but for now let me tell you something. I have the Brand new US made P10c and the trigger from the factory is already great. I have heard the stories of over time what the factory trigger does so I decided to just get the HBI Theta kit to replace factory right away. First the HBI construction is great and give you the metal styling which compliments the firearm especially in black. I have the black finish on my P10c already so the black trigger just gives it a nice tactical look. Theta trigger feels great, looks great and I love the fact that at anytime I can change the striker springs with ease. I currently have the 3.5 in and it’s quick, but super smooth on take up, the pull and reset. Install is straight forward but I advise you if you are doing this to a brand new gun like me, those parts are going to need some persuasion to get out! 5/5 HBI

  34. Chandler Cobb (verified owner)

    If you thought the stock trigger was good….this is even better! Arguably the best striker fired triggers available, but what’d ya expect, it IS a Česká zbrojovka!!! You won’t be disappointed!!! Get it now! This is the better deal as it comes with the 3lb and 3.5lb springs! The full kit!

  35. Todd (verified owner)

    Had the trigger installed yesterday with the 3 1/2 lb spring and it appeared to go in pretty easy. Tested out the trigger pull and it came out in the mid to low 4lb range. Not really a change from stock in that regard. The trigger did have a very clean and consistent break which was I was going for. The stock trigger break was good but this break is outstanding. Overall I am happy with the purchase.

  36. Vern Holzhall (verified owner)

    The trigger works great! Feels fantastic, no finger pinch others have mentioned, and my accuracy at distance has really improved. Install was simple, exactly like the video, and it looks fab too.

    Great product.

  37. Albert Marroquin (verified owner)

    Theta Trigger Kit is awesome my reset is shorter also my trigger press dropped close to a pound !

  38. Michael Thomas (verified owner)

    I don’t typically write reviews but I felt obligated to do so with this trigger. I’m super impressed with how easy it was to install and well the trigger preforms. I went with the 3.5lb striker spring. The pull is a touch easier but not terribly noticable. What impresses me most about the trigger is the reset. Holy cow does it make a huge difference. Really impressed and look forward to running this gun more and harder.

  39. Andrew (verified owner)

    Installation took less than an hour and it feels amazing! I used the 10% striker spring and the trigger feels slightly lighter while still keeping the clear wall and crisp break. Buy the extra frame pins for $3 and a set of roll pin punches to make the job even easier

  40. Kevin Batchelor (verified owner)

    Outstanding trigger…no more finger bite from the stock trigger! And the installation video helped immensely…took me about 12 minutes to install.

  41. GDS (verified owner)

    So happy with this trigger! When a company does something well….really well, they deserve a great review. 5 stars, easy!

  42. fattimotorworks (verified owner)

    Amazing product, fitment was perfect and it really enhanced the trigger. Install video was perfect and helped making the install a breeze. Thank you guys.

  43. alberto velazquez (verified owner)

    just received my trigger today. It’s amazing shipping was so fast. I’m glad I took a chance with HBI cause it was well worth it. I’m waiting for there guide rods and plus two extensions to get back in stock to buy again from them. Already put there sticker on my safe. No lie the trigger should be worth more than 65 I feel like there low balling themselves. Thank you HBI for thinking about the customers, and keeping such great prices if anyone asks me about my trigger i will be sending them your way.

  44. Chet Echard (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping, nice quality AMERICAN made part. I actually like it better than my Apex trigger, as far as the shape. I wish the extended magazine release also came in colors to match. Keep up the great work HB!!!!

  45. Larence Wilson (verified owner)

    Great build quality, easy install looks great worth every dollar.

  46. Joseph Abril

    I put a silver one with the 3.5lb spring in my wife’s P10C in urban gray and LOVED everything about it. I also put the 3lbs spring in my FDE P10C and have never had any light primer strikes.I like it so much I got a red one for my black P10S, and somehow they made the whole deal even sweeter better. When I bought my first trigger it just came with a diagram to match the striker springs to the pull weight now they come color coded. I can’t wait till the orange one is back in stock.

  47. Arthur F.Hoenig (verified owner)

    I’m just installed the trigger kit I chose black for my p10c this trigger is awesome no more finger pinch from the existing trigger I like it so much I just ordered one for my P10s.

  48. Hudson B.

    I have about 6500rds though my ‘F’ with the HBI trigger and primary machine comp. barrel with the 3lbs striker spring. It is amazing! It just baffles me that this trigger shoe and springs is $65 (two springs!!!). Not once did I have a failure that the trigger shoe or the 3lbs spring caused. No light primer strikes! The installation video was short and to the point, and dont have to hear some cuck talk about the product lol, take out the old and put in the new.

    I trust this trigger for a selfdefense option upgrade.

    I would highly recommend primary machine barrels, perfect cnc barrel, and it does improve grouping! (gold variant is like a matte gold, it’s pretty slick)


  49. J.M. Robertson (verified owner)

    Ordered the kit and Initially only installed the -15% red spring to little effect. Same with the -10%. Spoke with customer support and they were genuinely concerned and offered to send new springs from an older batch. Installed those, and the -15% spring and wear reduced the pull 1/2#. I think use over time or polishing contact surfaces best controls pull weight. As regards the trigger, take up noticeably reduced and cleaner with a more defined wall. The -15% spring with the trigger did not reduce pull further. I can’t really detect or measure any difference in the reset. The pinch blister from the stock trigger no longer occurs. Well worth the money. Appreciated customer support. I hope the company thrives.

  50. A (verified owner)

    I compete and shoot quite a bit— somewhere around 1000 rounds a month. I’ve easily run 5000+ rounds through my P10 before I upgraded to the Theta trigger.

    Loved it when I got it— feels great, eats up take-up, and the break and reset are awesomely crisp. I noticed around 300 rounds-ish, I started getting a curious amount of light primer strikes— like waayyy too many, close to 1 per 150 rounds with the -15% spring. I dropped down to the -10% spring and it improved a little bit.

    I took apart the striker assembly and really made sure there was no gunk or grime interfering with the striker path, there no real change and I was still getting light strikes. I shoot a ton of factory spec ammo— Winchester white, Remington, S&B, Magtech, Maxxxtech. There were some ammos that worked slightly better than others, but overall it was still not really an improvement. It’s not good when you’re getting 1-2 light strikes per match.

    I reverted everything back to the factory striker spring and I haven’t had a problem since. I think the springs might be a little too light if you’re running and gunning a lot, but even still— it’s a great drop in trigger for the price even if you stay with the factory spring.

  51. Hammer (verified owner)

    If you’re bothering to read these reviews, just do it. The Theta trigger makes a really good trigger even more crisp & clean, and mo better.

  52. John Bechstein (verified owner)

    I’ve got about 1500 rounds on the trigger. Has done nothing but impress me. Eats everything I put through it with not a single light primer strike even with duty ammo and the lightest spring. HBi has done nothing but impress me. I got this trigger close to a year ago, and I won’t ever get bored of it. Very special thanks to HBi for price point and performance!

  53. Shane Phillips

    I just wanna say Glock can eat their heart out, CZ is hands down a solid gun company and what way to make a P10c even better?? Oh yeah it’s the theta trigger of course! Why you ask?? Because the feel is great when you slap your grubby finger on that nice flat trigger. Then top that off with the butter trigger pull with the reduced travel and 3 lb spring included just makes it even more amazing, I would say home run but is a friggin grand slam out of the park with this bad MFer, anyone I know who buys a P10 model I just go ahead and tell them to get on here and order one and they can think me later

  54. Tom Baldauf (verified owner)

    I was having trouble with my P10s trigger with the trigger safety/dingus getting hung up on the frame and finger pinch.
    Base on advise on the CZ forum, HBI trigger was recommended.
    This transformed the gun form me. Beforehand I wouldn’t carry this gun because it wasn’t reliable. With 200 rounds now through it without a failure the trigger is amazing. Love it.
    Thanks HBI for a great product and video. This was my first time doing this kind of work on a gun and it only took me an hour taking my time.

  55. Eddie Caceres (verified owner)

    I will be ordering from them again! I was kind of nervous to order this trigger but at the end of the day im glad I did! Amazing trigger! Looks like my cz p10 C needs one now!

  56. Lee Crosley (verified owner)

    Omg !! I think I just got a brand new gun. I just put in the trigger and the 1.5 reduced spring. I’ve not been a fan of striker fire pistols. My P10C has been good gun. Now it’s a GREAT gun. I didn’t think that was possible. HBI has come thru again. I’m so excited to go shoot it. Thank you !

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