CZ Bren 2 HK G36 Stock Adapter Kit

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Seamlessly adapt the HK G36 folding stock to your CZ Bren 2 (fits both 2S and 2MS). Our machined aluminum stock adapter and high performance polymer shell deflector weight 1oz less than the CZ factory folding stocks and make this one of the cleanest and most complete stock options available for the Bren 2 platform. Our shell deflector has been specifically designed for the Bren-G36 stock and provides very positive locked retention to the receiver while folded. Safety selectors and trigger are easily accessed allowing the weapon to fire while folded.

Our stock adapter is light weight, low profile, and integrates the HK G36 stock directly to the upper receiver of the Bren 2. The adapter is secured to the upper receiver using a single T25 drive screw; this eliminates the infamous “wobble” of the factory stock adapters. We selected the T25 drive torx screw to match the factory (and HBI) handguards fasteners, keeping maintenance tools to a minimum. Our stock adapter is machined from billet 6061T6 aluminum and hard coat anodized to MIL-A-8625.

Kits ship with HK G36C stock manufactured by GSG9. The G36K (10.5″) stocks will also fit/function with our adapter and shell deflector, however the G36C (9.5″) stock that the kit ships with will comfortably fit nearly all shooters.

  • HK G36 Stock Adapter Kit for CZ Bren 2 (S and MS)
  • Fits all Bren 2 Variants (2S, 2MS, 556×45 and 762×39)
  • Fires While Folded
  • Length of Pull is 14.25″
  • Weight: 14.5 oz (factory stock kit is 15.37oz)
  • Drop In, No Additional Parts or Hardware Needed
  • Machined Aluminum 6061-T6
  • Anodized MIL-A-8625 Type 3 Hard Coat

Adapter and shell deflector manufactured by HBI in USA, all hardware made in USA.
HK G36C stock is manufactured by GSG9 internationally.

All NFA rules apply (if using this product on a pistol).


2 reviews for CZ Bren 2 HK G36 Stock Adapter Kit

  1. kbscar16 (verified owner)

    Bren 2 HB Industries G36 stock.

    Stock and associated parts are perfect (which is normal for HB). Install was very simple. Stock is solid and functions perfectly. It is the only G36 stock available that secures to the shell deflector, giving it a slimmer profile than the CZ stock.

    It’s fit me fine ( as far as LOP) but someone with shorter arms might not love it as it is not adjustable. The G36 butt pad gives plenty of surface area to find ur comfort zone.

    To prevent rattle, the folding mechanism screws into rear of receiver, which prevents rattle but makes dis-assembly not as easy. The Bren 2 is a piston gun that runs clean – so it’s something to mention but not any kinda issue to me.

    All and all it is a combat ready stock of high quality. Run it hard and enjoy.

  2. Brady

    I bought this part to put on a 10.5″ Bren 2 to eliminate the annoying slop in the factory end cap and reduce the overall weight of the gun. The stock came in looking great and installed easily. I’ve been shooting and hiking with it for several months now and nothing has come loose or other wise broken. For a straight forward folding stock I couldn’t recommend this one more.

    Paired with one of HBI’s handguards the Bren 2 balances way better compared to the factory furniture with a brace. You also shed about a pound off the gun making it perfect for longer hikes.

    The only down side to this stock is that disassembly will now require a tool to pull the bolt and recoil spring out which is a very small inconvenience.

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