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Use this tool to install or remove an HK style 3-Lug adapter on any barrel. Each double sided tool is compatible with both 9mm (small bore) and 45ACP (large bore) type 3-Lug adapters. Tool is designed to be coupled with a 1″ wrench or used with a socket extension to install a 3-Lug adapter “blind” under a handguard or barrel shroud, where the location of the 3-Lug adapter does not allow the use of a wrench or direct driver. An example would be the installation of a 3-Lug adapter onto a pistol length barrel under a carbine or rifle length handguard. This tool is machined from steel and zinc plated for a maintenance and corrosion free life.

  • 3-Lug Adapter Tool
  • Compatible with both 9mm and 45ACP type 3-Lug patterns
  • Short uses 1″ Wrench or Socket,
  • Zinc Plated Steel

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.

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3-Lug Tool Type

Short Type, Tall Type

3 reviews for 3-Lug Adapter Tools

  1. Brandon (verified owner)

    This company never disappoints if you need to instal 3 lug under handguard the tall is what you need works perfect HBI always comes through.

  2. Frank Boutsis (verified owner)

    Were there supposed to be a Long and a short tool with this order??….i only received the “tall” adapter

    • hbi

      Hi, we used to offer both “tall” and “short” 3lug tools; but discontinued the “short” style because the “tall” tools were far more popular. The “tall” tools were/are more popular because when used with a socket they allow 3lug adapters to be installed and removed from short barrels inside of hand guard shrouds. The “short” version did not.

  3. Rob (verified owner)

    Short uses a 1″ socket. Long, however, does not. You’re going to need a 27mm wrench to get on it since it’s .06″ larger than anything you’ll have in an imperial set. Given that tri-lug adapters are rather standardized and shorter than the long adapter, I wish it had a 3/8″ or 1/2″ box at the end so you could throw this on any ratchet/torque/breaker rather than needing yet another wrench to lock it down. Or, alternatively, at least one pair of opposite sides at 1″.

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