CZ Scorpion Magpul Zhukov-S Stock and Adapter

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Seamlessly adapt the Magpul™ Zhukov-S folding stock to your CZ Scorpion Evo pistol, carbine, or SBR. Our adapter is light weight, low profile, and integrates the Zhukov-S stock directly to the rear trunnion of the Evo by removing the AK type trunnion adapter supplied with the Magpul™ stocks. When compared to other adapters on the market, this direct integration reduces the overall length of the stock assembly by over 40mm (1.7″). Our stock adapters are machined to factory spec and designed to press fit with the dovetail on the Evo receiver (just like the factory stocks and pistol endcaps). No set screws are used, and no upper receivers are damaged. A rubber mallet or deadblow hammer will be very helpful for the removal of the factory parts and installation of our adapter.

Our stock adapter is machined from billet 6061T6 aluminum and hard coat anodized to MIL-A-8625. They are available in two configurations, with and without the Magpul™ Zhukov-S stock pre-installed. Currently we are offering only the Black variation on the stocks, with the intention of supporting FDE, Grey, and OD Green Evo owners by the ability to purchase only the HBI adapter in the drop down menu above (and source the stock in preferred color separately).

  • Magpul™ Zhukov-S Stock Adapter for CZ Scorpion Evo
  • Seamless Integration and Lowest Profile Design (Removes AK Type Trunnion)
  • Fits all CZ Scorpion Evo Models
  • Available Both With and Without Stock
  • Weight for Adapter Only 3.85oz, With Stock 16.25oz
  • Drop In Replacement
  • Machined Aluminum 6061-T6
  • Anodized MIL-A-8625 Type 3 Hard Coat

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.

All NFA rules apply (if using this product on a pistol).

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.


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Adapter w/ Zhukov-S Stock, Black, Adapter Only, Black

10 reviews for CZ Scorpion Magpul Zhukov-S Stock and Adapter

  1. trevor

    Absolutely love this modification. Install is super easy and it looks awesome. I bought the adaptor only because I was trying to match the grey polymer of scorpion to magpuls stock in grey but unfortunately it doesn’t match and they are discontinued in case anyone was trying to match.

  2. Chad (verified owner)

    Fantastic workmanship! Easy to swap out, easily the best adapter out, seen and tried a couple and what makes it awesome is that it eliminates the Zhukov Mount altogether which shortens the unit. Not only does it look so much better but it upgrades the Zhukov as well! So much smoother and easier to operate than with the stock setup, little details like this even make it that much better. Needless to say I’m ecstatic about this adapter. Not cheap but the best usually doesn’t come cheap, do not hesitate, buy once and don’t look back. I wouldn’t saved $$ had this been available at the time I was experimenting with different adapters and wasted almost as much as the cost of this one. Did I mention do not hesitate??? You will absolutely not regret it.

  3. Jack Muirhede (verified owner)

    This stock and adapter are fantastic. The CZ stock I had was very loose both in the fit to the receiver and the stock to the adapter. The HB stock is rock solid. The other benefit is the the cheek height is now perfect for my optic. No more searching for that elusive little read dot. Wish I would have seen this first……

  4. Parker Allison (verified owner)

    I bought a brand new CZ Scorpion carbine, out of the box the fit of the factory folding stock was atrocious. The dovetail fit rattled terribly as did the locking mechanism of the folding stock. Instead of contacting CZ to have the problem resolved, I took a chance and purchased the HBI adapter and the Magpul stock. Just as I suspected, the adapter fix my problem, it was a nice tight fit and eliminated ALL of the rattling that plagued my rifle. If you are hesitant on purchasing this, don’t be!!!! The fit and finish of the adapter far exceed that of the factory CZ part and the Magpul stock is definitely an upgrade as well. Overall, my experience with HB Industries was absolutely stellar, I will definitely be doing business with them again.

  5. Chris

    Gave my EVO 3 a whole new look and feel and it works perfect! Keep up the killer work HBI

  6. swordsman0322 (verified owner)

    Excellent product – easy to install – fits perfectly. Ordered and received a couple of days later — very convenient and great customer service. Thank you and well done — will definitely use HB for future needs.

  7. Chau Huynh (verified owner)

    Before buying this stock adapter, I ordered the Rehv Arms one, it was more bulky and long even though it was cheaper.

    HB Industries adapter is the bees knees! Like the other reviews, do not hesitate if you are looking for a stock adapter for your Scorpion!

    Makes my carbine look awesome!

  8. Brian McGhee (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. We already know the Magpul Zhukov is a great stock and the HBI adapter for the Scorpion is solid as can be. Perfect fit with no movement or wobble at all.

  9. Donald Sanders (verified owner)

    I just installed the Magpul Zhukov-S stock and adapter that I received from HB Industries and what a difference it makes. My biggest complaint about my
    Scorpion carbine was the loose rattle in the original stock. The HB adapter is snug, no rattle no wobble. Looking forward to getting the trigger done the next time I make it over to the east valley.

  10. huntergranillo21 (verified owner)

    Snug, absolutely no wiggle from the stock and the adapter is solidly built! Definitely worth every single penny as the Zhukov stock approves the ergonomics 10 fold. It can be fired from the folded position and the stock snaps into the folded position. No amount of shaking was able to unfold it. Well done guys!

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