CZ Bren 2 MS 7.62×39 AR Magwell Conversion


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Magwell conversion for your 7.62×39 CZ Bren 2 pistol or rifle to accept standard AR pattern 7.62×39 magazines. The conversion utilizes the same insert found in the 556 Bren 2 MS models, along with a Delrin pin to facilitate take down and re-assembly of the magazine release system. The conversion is backwards compatible, meaning that you can revert back to the factory dedicated polymer 7.62×39 magazines at any time. With the conversion installed you will only be able to use AR pattern magazines. We have experienced outstanding reliability with 7.62×39 AR pattern magazines from D&H Industries and C-Products.

  • CZ Bren 2 7.62×39 AR Magwell Conversion
  • Drop-in Sleeve for AR 7.62×39 Pattern Magazines
  • Use Standard 922R Compliant Magazines

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.



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