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Use this drop in Safety Delete to correctly remove the intrusive factory safety on the right side of your Brügger & Thomet GHM or APC receiver. Fits many models including GHM9, GHM45, APC9, APC45, APC223, and APC300. Designed specifically for the right side, the unique teardrop shape is tapered to provide clearance for your index finger while the trailing edge acts as an arrow, indicating safe/fire weapon status to other operators. Machined from billet 6061T6 aluminum and hard coat anodized to MIL-A-8625, our deletes are made to the highest standards.

  • Right Side Safety Selector Delete for B&T GHM and APC models
  • Drop In Replacement
  • Machined Aluminum 6061-T6
  • Anodized MIL-A-8625 Type 3 Hard Coat

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.

10 reviews for B&T Safety Selector Delete, Right

  1. Brian (verified owner)

    An absolute must for the GHM9! Love this item made the grip much more comfortable!

  2. Paul B. (verified owner)

    Must have. Easy to Install and I’m super happy I found this product. My hand thanks HBI for this one.

  3. JFReyes (verified owner)

    Like Brian said: This is a must have item for any B&T of this type. I do like that B&T is completely ambidextrous, but the safety is a bit large on the opposite side so it tends to dig into you in the “fire” position. I don’t have particularly large hands and it’s still uncomfortable for me. THIS little addition works wonders just like every other HB product I’ve tried so far.
    If you out a B&T APC or GHM, you need everything HB offers for them!

  4. James (verified owner)

    This thing is the sh*t. The ambi selector was smashing my right hand every time and was digging into it when holding the weapon. This makes all the difference in the world.

  5. Jae Rim (verified owner)

    Product feels solid and installation went very smoothly. It functions and remove the annoyance.

    Only a minor issue, if I even call it, is that when placing it in a firing position it has a little play to lock itself in. I am not saying it moves around. When pushing the left side safety down to the firing position, I need to push the right side to click it into the place. Since it has a detent and spring, I dont think it will fly. I dont think my installation was incorrectly done (since there is nothing can go wrong) or I received a slightly off-spec one but regardless it works and I like it.

  6. Frederick Knorre (verified owner)

    Works fantastic..
    I put it on a B&T P26

  7. Benjamin Alexander (verified owner)

    Works exactly as designed, and makes my GHM45 far more comfortable to shoot. Installation was easy and took about two minutes. I would rate this product as a must-have for any B&T owner!

  8. Mark H (verified owner)

    On my APC9 Pro now. Best $14 you can spend in the firearms world, no more digging into my right index finger. Be sure to find a vid on YouTube before attempting installation, only to avoid loosing the small retaining spring and cap that are under the safety level that comes stock on the gun.

  9. James (verified owner)

    Like everyone said it’s a must have. No more sore trigger finger. This paired with with the HB reduced safety springs makes a huge difference. Also shipping was very fast, I highly recommend this product and HB Industries.

  10. Brad Miser (verified owner)

    Gets rid of the safety on the right side of the firearm… for a right-hand shooter this often got in the way. Combined with the spring kit, now the safety operation is perfect and the right-side safety doesn’t get in the way.

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