Taurus TX22 with Sig Romeo Zero, 1/2-28 Threaded


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The Taurus TX22 is an extremely reliable .22LR semiauto pistol; fed from 16 round magazines it makes for a great fundamentals trainer. Building on this, we CNC machine the slide for a Sig Sauer Romeo Zero 3MOA red dot sight, and configure the barrel to 1/2-28. This is a unique offering because the Romeo Zero optic is direct mounted to the slide (no adapters or spacers etc…) which keeps the reciprocating mass down. In this configuration the TX22 has remained reliable with all semi-auto rated subsonic ammunition that we have tested (down to 835fps). Therefore we are proud to offer a light weight suppressor ready handgun optics platform that is built to teach, train, and generate smiles on the faces of everyone that handles it. Notable features and included components are:

  • Taurus TX22, Manual Safety, Two 16rd Magazines
  • 4″ Barrel, Threaded 1/2-28, with Thread Protector
  • Sig Sauer Romeo Zero 3 MOA Sight – 20,000hrs Battery Life
  • Slide is CNC Machined for Direct Mount of Optic
  • Reliable with SubSonic .22LR at 835fps+
  • Made with 100% NEW/UNUSED Components

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Additional manufacturers info from Taurus: Taurus TX22

Additional manufacturers info from Sig Sauer: Sig Romeo Zero


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