P07/09 to P10 Magazine Conversion Service


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This is a magazine conversion service, not a product. When purchased, we will CNC mill a notch into your current CZ P07 or P09 magazines so that they will work in your P10 series pistol. Our conversion service also includes installation of factory CZ orange/red “Hi-Viz” followers in each magazine (original followers will be returned with converted mags). After conversion, your magazines will work in all P07/P09/P10 models provided the magazine body is the correct length.

To order, simply select the number of magazines that you would like to have converted, then checkout as normal through our online store. After checkout, you will receive an order confirmation via email. Print a hardcopy of this email (order confirmation) and mail it in with your magazines. The CUSTOMER is responsible for shipping TO our facility. Once we are in receipt of your magazines, turn around time is typically 7-10 business days. Expediting options are available upon request.

PLEASE NOTE: We will convert 10, 15, 17, 19, etc. round magazines, but under no circumstances will we ship magazines over 10 rounds to addresses in states where they are not allowed. If you live in a mag cap limit state, please do not attempt to use this service with anything other than 10 round magazine bodies.

ALSO: While they will physically fit, we DO NOT recommend the use of P09 magazines in P10C frames due to the fact that you can “over insert” the longer P09 magazine. The basepad on the P07/P09/P10 magazines acts as a hardstop when inserted against the bottom surface of the magwell in each frame. When using a P09 magazine in a P10C frame, the baseplate is left well beneath the magwell and the magazine body actually stops when it hits the ejector arm in the rear frame insert. For casual target shooting this can be fine, but slamming mags into the weapon during full speed reloads in this condition could damage the exactor.


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