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HBI Short Stroke Buffer for your Grand Power Stribog SP9A1 and SP9A3. Our short stroke buffer is a true one piece drop in replacement for the factory buffer pad. The increased length of the HBI buffer reduces reward bolt travel and prevents spent cases from becoming lodged in the receiver. Our buffer is molded from high performance polyurethane and is slightly softer than the factory buffer pad. Its advanced geometry has been proven to dampen and distribute bolt energy, significantly reducing felt recoil. Bang for buck this is arguably the best upgrade for your Stribog.

Our Short Stroke Buffer is compatible with all “Gen 2” Stribog models, including SP9A1 (direct blowback) and SP9A3 (delayed blowback) variants. If your Stribog is a “Gen 1” model, or if your bolt has TWO recoil rods between the bolt and buffer, our Short Stroke Buffer will NOT fit.

Please Note: Our Short Stroke Buffer is designed for semi-auto only. We do not recommend it for use with Binary Trigger or Select Fire variants of the Stribog.

  • HBI Short Stroke Buffer for Stribog SP9A1 and SP9A3 (Gen 2)
  • Prevents Spent Cases from Sticking in Receiver
  • Greatly Reduces Recoil Impulse
  • Quicker Bolt Response, Faster Follow Up Shots
  • Drop In, Direct Replacement for Factory Buffer
  • High Performance Polyurethane

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.

3 reviews for GP Stribog Short Stroke Buffer

  1. Austin (verified owner)

    Simple, effective, and low cost!
    I ran 2 mags alternating with the stock buffer, then this one, this does exactly what it says it does. I cant speak for how long it’ll last, but I doubt that this will ever fail over the long term, that’s something I worry about with those multi-part options I’ve seen, and its not hard as a rock like others. Its also cheaper! I wouldn’t say that it “greatly reduces recoil impulse” however, it does dampen it to be a lot less “sudden” and harsh like the stock buffer.

  2. Salvatore Raciti (verified owner)

    Another great upgrade for my Stribog from HBI. The buffer changes the felt recoil for the better. All 200 rounds cycled at the range. Customer service was quick and helpful. HBI is totally making my Scor-Bog more reliable and fun to shoot. Innovative and they don’t over-charge? Say what?!

  3. Douglas (verified owner)

    Installation of the buffer was easy. took the stribog out to the range for a test. put several mags through it and was delighted with the results, the felt recoil pulse was lessened and the follow up shots were faster. I would recommend this addition to the srtibog.

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