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Extended bolt stop for your Grand Power Stribog SP9A1/A2/A3. The release tabs on our extended bolt stop are 3.5mm wider (per side), and we have extended both tabs back toward the trigger guard by 4.5mm. The flat surfaces for finger/thumb contact have been serrated for traction; all other surfaces and edges have been “dehorned” and smoothed. Made from heat treated 4140 and finished in black nitride.

This component has been through several design and validation processes, each time making careful refinements with the intention of creating a bolt stop perfect for every operator in every situation. The result is a fast and easy to manipulate control that does not interfere with the magazine release or external variables like slings/MOLLE/carriers/clothing or other gear.

Our bolt catch IS compatible with CZ Scorpion Evo and Magazines, when used in a lower receiver designed for them.

  • Extended Bolt Stop for Grand Power Stribog SP9A1/A2/A3
  • +3.5mm in Width (Per Side)
  • +4.5mm in Extension (Towards Trigger)
  • 4140 Steel, Heat Treated and Tempered
  • Black Nitride Finished

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.

Link to customer produced Stribog Bolt Stop Install Video

16 reviews for GP Stribog Extended Bolt Stop

  1. Jim (verified owner)

    Ordered Monday, had in hand Wednesday in PA. Everything packaged well and super well made. Put this on my SP9A1 I just bought last week and it fits perfectly. Definitely a must have upgrade for the Stribog non reciprocating model. The added reach and the fact that it feels much better made and stiffer allows much better manipulation. A must have upgrade.

    The gun feels super nice with these few small upgrades.

  2. aleix.m (verified owner)

    Ordered on Tuesday arrived on Friday thanks HBI. Fit and feel is excellent. Definitely gives you that little bit of extra reach for using the bolt catch without getting in the way.

  3. Richard (verified owner)

    Huge difference between this bolt stop and the stock one. Manipulating the stop using the firing hand is now possible (both for admin lock back and to release when changing mags). Super easy to change and perfect fit.

  4. Darrell Mullins (verified owner)

    I can’t say enough about my experience with HB Industries from the quality of the parts to the very quick shipping. Excellent!!

    Much much better than the default Bolt Stop on the Stribog!

  5. Dan (verified owner)

    Perhaps this is on Grandpower’s QC but the extended bolt stop at first DID NOT effectively stop the bolt — the rear surface of the bolt stop would catch the face of the bolt very shallowly, disengage and the bolt would slam home.

    It turns out both arms were prematurely hitting the upper receiver hindering full engagement. I went back with a dremel and removed about 1mm from both arms where it was hitting the receiver. Polished and it now works flawlessly.

  6. Steve B (verified owner)

    I am only giving this a 4 star because they really need to do a video on the install for this. The one pin has a retaining clip that is next to impossible to get out without bending. Maybe include a new retaining pin with this? Now mine is bent and is not captive anymore. I assume I am not the only one that has had this issue.

  7. QuadDamage (verified owner)

    No need to read this, just buy it.

    The stock bolt stop is a joke to use with bare hands and you can forget about using it with gloves. The “shelf” on this part is absolutely what the Stribog should have shipped with from the manufacturer.

    Easy install and works great.

  8. Nato9mmX19mm, (Dave)

    Rarely engages with bolt. While it looks excellent and feels quality, I put it on first thing with my new Bog, and immediately it didn’t want to lock back while cycling the action. It was fine before changing it. It was barely held the bolt open when pushing it up by hand too. I then went to swap it back to factory but first did a side by side comparison of the ledge that engages the bolt. It was noticeably lower by about 2 mm according to my caliber. With both both just sitting on the lower, it appears to be about the thickness of the stamped metal. Before I had remove the HBI stop I even inspected the amount of coverage it would get up on the bolt face, and it didn’t look to be a whole millimetre. HBI needs to stamp the part with a more noticeable lip turned up, But what do I know, I only do maintenance and automation in a metal stamping factory.

  9. Nato9mmX19mm, (Dave)

    Re-Review; In a previous review, I had Trouble getting the slide stop to hold, even when pushing it up. HBI responded quickly and sent me a new one in it’s place before I could even contact Customer service myself. Great News, the new one works as advertised. Thank You HBI.

  10. Angel (verified owner)

    If you seen enough videos on how to install this awesome bolt release it’s super easy to install. Fit and finish is great. Shipping from this company is fast. During these hard times I’m surprised it was in stock. Thank you HBI.

  11. J.Soha

    I purchased this for my Stribog A3 from another retailer. Unfortunately it did not hold the bolt open. I contacted HBI customer support and a newer model was immediately shipped. Thank you HBI. I am looking forward to installing it this weekend.

  12. J.J.S

    As a follow up,
    I installed the upgraded bolt stop on my A3.
    Works perfectly
    Thanks HBI

  13. Jon (verified owner)

    Fit and Finish is perfect. 100% solid piece. So much nicer than the junky feeling OEM bolt stop. My OEM was bent from the factory, this was such a nice change.

    Keep up the good work guys!

  14. Robert Thomason

    Awesome product!!! This is a GREAT improvement over the factory bolt stop. This is a must-have for the Stribog.

  15. jeremy.benge (verified owner)

    Good stuff. Nice upgrade for the bog

  16. Robert J (verified owner)

    Works as advertised. Excellent quality. Easy install. Fast shipping.

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