CZ Scorpion Pakse Sapper 6.4″ MLOK Handguard

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Pakse Sapper drop in M-LOK compatible handguard for CZ Scorpion pistol models. This high temperature fiber reinforced polymer handguard features an integrated handstop, increased sight radius, and MLOK mounting on the sides and bottom. The Sapper handguard is designed to fit ALL CZ Scorpion Evo 3 models with a factory 7.8″ barrel. Available in Black, FDE, OD Green, and Battleship Grey. This is a direct drop in replacement part, it mounts by first removing, then re-installing the factory barrel nut. To remove the OEM barrel nut you may need a barrel nut tool, available here: CZ Scorpion Pistol Barrel Nut Tool .

  • Pakse Sapper 6.4″ Handguard
  • Fits All CZ Scorpion EVO3 Models with 7.8″ barrel
  • High Temperature Polymer Construction
  • Weight is 6.7oz (OEM Pistol Handguard is 8.5oz)
  • Drop In Replacement, Utilizes Factory Barrel Nut and Bushing
  • Available in Black, FDE, OD Green, and Battleship Grey
  • Made in USA, 922R compliant

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.

Two installation videos are available… quick (5mins) and detailed (15mins):


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Black, FDE, Grey, OD Green

9 reviews for CZ Scorpion Pakse Sapper 6.4″ MLOK Handguard

  1. Jacob flood (verified owner)

    I love the way the handguard looks on mine. I do wish these came with another barrel nut because I muffed mine up a bit trying to get it off. But other then that it’s super sturdy and feels amazing

  2. Kevin Batchelor (verified owner)

    No issue with fit on the weapon and color matches original FDE. Only issue I had was that the M-LOK slots at 6 o’clock weren’t wide enough for the T-nuts to fit through…I had to file some of the plastic in order to get an AFG to fit (slots on the sides were fine…no issues with accessory mounting).

  3. Nicholas Pratt (verified owner)

    Super easy install, great fit and very sturdy. Makes the Scorpion look so much better.

  4. Ian Shoemaker

    Installation was straightforward using the HBI barrel nut tool, and the fit and finish is excellent. Only gripe I have is that the stock front sight will not get tight enough on the rail for it to not move. A small gripe but worth mentioning since I only use iron sights at the present time.

    • hbishop

      Thank you so much for leaving a review. In the cases like this that we have seen here (even with the factory handguards) it can be resolved by further tightening the front sight base. We think that it might be variance with the sights? Dimensionally the Sapper 1913/Picatinny rail is molded to mil-std specification.

  5. MAC (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Easy to install and changes the dynamics of the EVO completely. Much more comfortable to hold and looks B.A. (which is nice)

  6. thestylesmiths4 (verified owner)

    I love the Sapper. Has a great feel and finish. The weight is lower than the factory handguard so that’s a bonus. My only gripes are the 6 oclock mlok slots are not in spec. As someone else said before. My other gripe is, the sight plane appears to be off after install. It’s shooting low, even after adjusting the front irons all the way down. You can just eyeball it and see it’s angled weird.

  7. J. Newton

    I just installed this yesterday, and the results were really cool. It cuts a significant amount of weight off the front end, and the Scorpion feels much better balanced. The fit and the way that everything lines up is frankly amazing for what apparently is an injection molded part. Do yourself a favor and spend the $12.50 for the HB industries barrel nut wrench. My only wish is that this forend was made in a harder compound because it appears to mar pretty is easily but overall for the price paid how can you possibly complain? Very cool!

  8. Chase C. (verified owner)

    I love everything about the CZ Scorpion Pakse Sapper 6.4″ MLOK Handguard that I purchased BUT ONE BIG THING. The hand great but now after install my scorpion always shoots low. Even after adjusting my factory CZ Scorpion sights I am still shooting a little low. I am honestly not sure if this is something HB Industries is aware of or if maybe I just did something wrong with my install, but yeah, outside of that, it is a solid purchase to get.

  9. Jeffrey Silverman (verified owner)

    EASE of INSTALL: I installed the Pakse on my scorpion w/flash can. Removal of the flash Can is very easy, removal of the barrel nut was tough – CZ uses enough loctite to tow a trailer – once off, however, the installation of this new handguard was VERY simple as long as you absolutely follow the video instructions. NOTE: a 7/8 socket , which I used, is just as appropriate as a 21 mm and You WILL need a sparkplug-length socket or the extended barrel but tool they sell here to remove the handguard on the flashcan version.

    QUALITY: A++. It could easily be a factory installed item. Ignore any/all critiques of the materials used – this is a solid first class product worthy of range or service use. If it had the magpul logo on it, it would cost twice as much and be sold out for months.

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