CZ Scorpion EVO 3 Theta Extended Charging Handle (Red or Black)

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The Theta Extended Charging Handle for the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 gets your fingers away from the molded picatinny rails (knuckle biters) on the barrel shroud of the Scorpion, and provides a larger and more robust control handle for charging the weapon. The Theta Extended Charging Handle is ambidextrous and can be used on either the right or left side of the Scorpion. The finger catch/handle is machined from 6061T6 aluminum then hard coat anodized to MIL-A-8625, and the charging rod is machined from precision ground 17-4 stainless steel and black nitride finished.

  • 11.5mm Extended Charging Handle
  • Drop In Replacement, Ambidextrous
  • Fits CZ Scorpion EVO3 S1 Pistol and Carbine (See note below for S2 Micro)
  • Increased Clearance to Picatinny Rails
  • Machined Aluminum 6061-T6 Finger Catch
  • Machined Stainless 17-4 Charging Rod, Black Nitride

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.

PLEASE NOTE: These charging handles are intended for use with the factory Scorpion Pistol or Carbine handguards (made from polymer). If you have an aftermarket aluminum handguard installed or an S2 Micro we recommend that you consider our Pro-Stock extended polymer charging handle. Aluminum charging handles (including our own) can cause increased friction/remove the finish in aftermarket handguards and in some cases may not run as smooth due to the aluminum-to-aluminum interface with aftermarket handguards. If you need any help deciding what setup might work best for your application please just call or email, we are here to help!

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.


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Black, Red

33 reviews for CZ Scorpion EVO 3 Theta Extended Charging Handle (Red or Black)

  1. Jeff C (verified owner)

    Just got in the charging handle. After a quick visit to YouTube I had the info needed to swap out the tiny factory handle with something far easier to use. In less than 2 minutes, the handle was swapped. The HB handle is really nice and the fit and finish is off the charts. This is a high quality piece that makes a huge difference in the ability to charge the pistol. Where the factory was maybe a finger wide, the HB unit you can get 2 fingers on and keep your knuckles away from the top rail. Ordering was fast, and responses to my emails and questions was prompt. Thank you to Phil & the tem at HB. Great product & customer service.

    Jeff C.

  2. Dave Owensby (verified owner)

    Great product great customer service the handle saves the knuckles also looks really good I have the red one along with the trigger and safety delete….. Next is the AK safety

  3. greg (verified owner)

    this is the first and most important change you need to make to your EVO, if you don’t want bloody knuckles after a shooting session. The finish and feel of the handle are perfect! can’t wait to put on the trigger!

  4. Josh (verified owner)

    Very nice, a lot more purchase on it. Must have item.

  5. Daniel Tubbs (verified owner)

    As with all of their products (I have the right side safety delete and trigger springs) the fit, finish and function is excellent. This small change makes a huge difference.

  6. Brett (verified owner)

    Everything this company makes is awesome forward trigger,charging handle,ak safety, trigger spring kit I highly recommend all of it

  7. justen (verified owner)

    no more beaten up knuckles. a HUGE improvement over the cz factory part. thanks so much.

  8. Jeremy (verified owner)

    This extended charging handle is great. It lets you get two full fingers on it, and keeps you from busting you knuckles on the handguard rails. It is a serious improvement to the overall function of the Scorpion, and only takes minuets to replace. It also makes the return slap (HK MP5 style) even more addictive!

  9. Alexander (verified owner)

    These guys rock, I got all my parts super fast and they fit great. super nice stuff at an awesome price.

  10. JOHN A.


  11. Gary Strunk (verified owner)

    Love this Charging handle it is a little bigger than the other charging handle ,I have both of them they are well made an work well.They help make your gun work great an look better a win win.

  12. Vern Walls (verified owner)

    This is an excellent addition to my Scorpion! I don’t have use of my left hand fingers, so having the longer lever makes use of this gun much much easier. I recommend it to everyone!

  13. Patrick (verified owner)

    Another one of those must-have upgrades. You will see a world of difference when you replace your stock charging/bolt handle with this one.

    And replacement steps are very easy – anyone can do it.

    And might as well get the other things too.

    Here’s how I would rate the upgrades I added.

    Theta Charging handle (or Delta) — this is a must have replacement
    AK safety-lever – another must have replacement
    duckbill paddle release – recommended since it makes it much easier
    trigger springs – recommended if you want improve the pull

  14. Gabriel D. (verified owner)

    Just received Theta charging handle fit and finish are perfect. Customer service is topnotch Phil and the crew at HB are very quick to help get any issues you may have resolved. Thanks

  15. Paul Kelley (verified owner)

    This is one of the three upgrades I made so far. All three are I believe must-have upgrades. Ease of operation increases dramatically when you replace the stock charging handle, the mag release and the ak style safety. Fit & finish on all three are great.

    All three were quick and easy to replace – unless you have ten thumbs you can do it.

    Theta Charging handle
    AK style safety-lever
    Duckbill paddle mag release

  16. wpuckett1 (verified owner)

    Every HBI upgrade I add to my Scorpion makes an already great shooter that much better. Each item fits like it grew on the Scorpion. I could not be more pleased. The Red Charging Handle and matching Trigger not only function perfectly but , look Cool too. I also added the right safety delete and trigger spring kit and am waiting for the Duck Bill Magazine release. HBI is such a pleasure to do business with…Keep up the good work ! Randy , Dinwiddie VA.

  17. Josh Domoslai (verified owner)

    Another 5 star product. Stock lever works, but is pretty cheap quality and def small. This one you can grab it with authority and fits like a glove in your finger. Installs in less then a minute. Just grab a small punch, pop the pin out, then use the punch to puah in the hole and it will depress the spring in the old changing handle and slide it out, slide new handle in, re-install plastic pin and away you go. I’m so happy I found this company.

  18. danielwhi24 (verified owner)

    Extremely nice and functional piece. Much easier to grab and operate. It’s definitely a great buy.

  19. cryconnect

    These guys have fantastic customer service. I keep on adding things. They are a pleasure to do business with

  20. Mike

    purchased the larger charging handle and the large AK style safety . A must have for any scorpion owner . Great service & quick delivery .

  21. Theguat456 (verified owner)

    One of the biggest headaches about the scorpion is the minuscule charging handle. This new charging handle should be one of the first upgrades you do to the firearm. It literally take 2 minutes to do and makes a massive change to the ease of operation. Great product!!!!

  22. brassaga (verified owner)


  23. RVillano (verified owner)

    Works like a charm. Solved my knuckle busting issue. Makes the Scorpion better

  24. Justin (verified owner)


  25. matt tobias

    Imagine reaching for the stock charging handle at a crucial moment, and having your hand slip off that little handle. My Evo also serves as my H/D weapon, so I’m eliminating that possibility. The HB unit is very comfortable, long enough, and well built. It’s a MUST HAVE part.

  26. kulewa6 (verified owner)

    As with all their products the fit, finish and function is excellent. I have the right-side safety delete, reduced weight trigger springs, Theta Forward Trigger and Theta Extended Charging Handle

  27. ChuLy

    Another HB Industries home run. Outstanding quality and finish. A must have upgrade for the CZ Scorpion!

  28. David R. (verified owner)

    I still can’t believe how easy this charging handle was to install!!! Trust me if I can do it then anybody can. What a difference. I would recommend that a punch kit be purchased for this install. The stock charging handle definitely left me with a few knuckle bitters at least enough for me to start looking for other options. I purchased the red theta and it looks so cool on my CZ Scorpion and besides the look it has enough room for me to get almost two fingers on pull back. I LOVE that HB Industries posts install videos on their site for each product. Thanks much HB Industries!

  29. Andrew Catanese (verified owner)

    If you’re running the factory charging handle and hand-guard on your scorpion, you may be familiar with having your knuckles cheese-grated off the pic rails because of how close the charging handle is. This replacement by HBI is an absolute home run. The additional length means my knuckles no longer feel the sting of the pic rail when getting the firearm into battery. Take heed of the notice that this should only be used with polymer hand guards such as the factory original, or an aftermarket guard such as one of HBI’s. Overall, another great product by HBI.

  30. David Castro (verified owner)

    Easy install quick delivery works like buttaaaaah … Best mod for me thus far …eze 5 stars

  31. Bill B (verified owner)

    So much better than the stock charging handle, I can get a much better grip with my sausage fingers, highly reccomend

  32. James Pabst (verified owner)

    Looks great and its much better than the stock charging handle. The only thing is its VERY loose. Like the diameter of the actual rod is a bit small so it rattles a lot and jiggles and moves around a fair bit. I am a little worried that over time its gonna cause a bit of wear.

  33. Joe S (verified owner)

    This Handle is very big. I really like this charging handle but I would not recommend it if you have a Pistol or SBR SCORPION. I have this on my “scorpion carbine” It protrudes out a good bit, witch I can see as something not dizzied on a SBR or pistol. If you have a carbine I’d highly recommend this handle over the others.

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