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This is a Gas Regulator Machining Service, not a product. When purchased, we will CNC machine an undersized gas port into the blank/third setting on your factory Bren 2S or 2MS gas regulator (item #11 factory manual). This undersized port will serve as a dedicated suppressor setting; reducing the pressure at which the bolt unlocks and thereby also reducing the bolt velocity and gas blow back into the receiver.

Through extensive testing of all Bren 2S and 2MS models we have developed dedicated port sizes unique to each of the many different caliber and barrel length configurations. To order, simply select your specific Bren 2 configuration(s) from the drop down menu, then checkout as normal through our online store.  After checkout, you will receive an order confirmation via email. Print a hardcopy of this email (order confirmation) and mail it in with your Gas Regulator(s). The CUSTOMER is responsible for shipping TO our facility. HBI pays for return shipping and insurance, it is included in the cost of the service. Once we are in receipt of your Gas Regulator, turn around time is typically 7-10 business days. Expediting options are available upon request.

We include our High Load Piston Spring with each Gas Regulator that we machine. The High Load Spring has two benefits: first the higher rate spring will reduce the bolt velocity on the Factory “1 – Normal” and “2 – Adverse” settings, second the higher rate spring allows us to use a slightly larger diameter port on the “3 -Suppressor” setting to greatly reduce chances of fouling and “gas cutting” sometimes associated with small diameter ports in short length gas systems. It is not required that the High Load spring be used, but we do recommend it.

NOTE: We do not include a high load spring with the 16″ 556 Carbine Service. We have found that the gas system on this model is well balanced with the factory spring.

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556×45, 762×39

Barrel Length

8", 9", 11", 14", 16"


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