B&T APC/GHM Reduced Weight Selector Springs

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Reduced weight safety selector springs for the Brügger & Thomet APC and GHM Series receivers (APC9, APC45, APC223, APC300, and GHM9, GHM45). This spring set will reduce the safety selector operation weight by approximately 30% with respect to the factory B&T spring set. The APC uses two spring loaded detents on the selector spindle, these springs CAN be mixed/matched, for example installing only one of our springs in combination with one factory spring will reduce the selector operation weight by about 15%.

Our springs are manufactured from nickel coated stainless spring steel for smooth operation and a lifetime of corrosion resistance and maintenance free service.

  • 30% Reduced Weight Selector Spring Set for B&T APC 9/45/223/300 and GHM9/45
  • Drop in Replacement
  • Nickel Coated Stainless Spring Steel

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.

3 reviews for B&T APC/GHM Reduced Weight Selector Springs

  1. John

    Huge improvement safety was way to stiff. Now easy to flip with out repositioning hand.

  2. Brian (verified owner)

    Best upgrade period! Removing the selector switch that digs into your hand is the best improvement to this gun.

  3. JFReyes (verified owner)

    The difference between these reduced weight and the stock safety/selector springs are night and day. It makes me wonder why, after paying as much as I did for my B&T, would they let it leave the factory with the springs that they use. These reduced weight springs are incredible! So much easier and smoother to manipulate the safety.

    Now, if only HB inds. could do something about the actual selector lever like they did for the KRISS…..

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