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An extremely versatile thread protector for your 9mm pistol, rifle, or SBR. Our 9mm Micro Comp + Thread Protector is designed to be short, lightweight, and 100% functional as both a compensator and thread protector. The backbore and radial porting create “neutral bias” compenstation when fired. The deep precision cut threads and a high temp silicone o-ring hold the device securely in place through endless hot/cold cycles. The taper machined groves on the outside diameter provide tons of grip for toolless removal and installation.

If you are tired of checking your thread protector between magazines, or just looking for the most compact comp on the market, our 9mm Micro Comp has been designed and manufactured specifically for you.

Our 9mm Micro Comps measure 0.75″ outside diameter, 0.80″ long, and 1/2-28 thread is 0.63″ deep. They are machined from 4140 steel, heat treated, and finished in black nitride. Weight is just 0.62 oz (for reference an A2 spec flash hider weighs 2.20 oz and a 1/2-28 3lug adapter weighs 0.75 oz).

  • 9mm Micro Comp + Thread Protector
  • High Temp O-Ring Prevents Loosening
  • Threaded 1/2-28 Only
  • Length 0.80″, Thread Depth .63″
  • Weight is 0.62 oz
  • Machined from 4140 Steel
  • Black Nitride Finish

Designed and Manufactured completely in USA.

Gunsmith Installation Recommended for All Parts.


20 reviews for 9mm Micro Comp + Thread Protector

  1. Jack (verified owner)

    Looks amazing on my scorpion.

  2. Brian Doyle (verified owner)

    I purchased 2. One went on my Stribog Gen2 and the other onto my Kriss Vector SDP. They stay tight and don’t back off when shooting like some comps I’ve tried.
    These mini comps are fantastic and at a great price, grab a few and try them out!

  3. Cotye Wehrle (verified owner)

    I put on my stribog and love it. Small and sleek does help mitigate muzzle rise, has stayed tight for over 400 rounds. I’ll be ordering another for my pistol

  4. Derek Wride (verified owner)

    Seriously cool product. Looks great, and can still holster without any fuss.

  5. Rustin Osborn (verified owner)

    I bought this comp for my StriBog gen 2. Awesome little comp. My only critique would be that it’s extremely tight. I was afraid I had the wrong thread pitch but just have to continue twisting.

  6. saico (verified owner)

    Too bad they’re out now. I have 4 and they’re great. About half price of what others are charging for a mini comp

  7. Johnny Salaza (verified owner)

    Awesome design at a great price! My only regret I only ordered two and now they are out if stock…

  8. Robert Bonalba (verified owner)

    I just received mine, it looks good on my Ruger PC Carbine 9mm. Can’t wait to try it out.

  9. fattimotorworks (verified owner)

    Great product at such a great value.

  10. David Sanders (verified owner)

    Best micro comp- ever. Threw this on my vector gen 2. Looks amazing. Tried it on my POF- 5 mp5 and fit perfect and looked great.

  11. Parker

    Shipped next day after ordering and fits nicely on my stribog.

  12. JohnDy (verified owner)

    Love this, great product for a tremendous price! Everything I have purchased from HBI has been top shelf, thanks!!

  13. Matthew Johnson (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was looking for. Does what it’s supposed to do as a compensator, while looking good plus, a nice finish. Also keeping it purpose built, small & simple, which is just perfect for my compact PDW, a RUGER PC Charger.
    More importantly I can take it off quickly to suppress & put it back on as a really nice thread protector. Good Job!!

  14. Bryton (verified owner)

    I bought this product recently. It does provide a lower profile to the barrel. I am extremely pleased with the way this turned out. The shipping was extremely fast. I would recommend.

  15. David Yount

    I ordered one for my scorpion with HB I three-lug k kit on it….works and looks amazing like it came from factory. I ordered two more of them….one for freedom ordinance fx-9 pistol, and one for keltec sub 2000. Had to use a crush washer to fill the gap on fx9 pistol….looks great.

  16. Joshua Bell (verified owner)

    A+ product, fast and cheap shipping. Looks and functions great on my Sig P365XL

  17. Edgar Berganza (verified owner)

    Awesome little piece! Looks great on my P10C and STAYS on! Can’t wait to take some shots!

  18. Jeff Wrede (verified owner)

    I own the Canik TP9 Combat Elite Executive and having to use a wrench every time to remove and reattach the thread protector is a pain. When I saw this Thread Protector from HB Industries, I immediately loved the look, and when I discovered you can take it off and put it on without a wrench, I was sold and ordered one. Now that I have it, it’s fabulous! Excellent quality! Highly recommend!

  19. Nathaniel Levi Watson (verified owner)

    Great comp for the money although I made it better with modifications, I removed the lip holding the rubber ring in and replaced the ring with a thinner one now the comp threads deep enough it covers the barrel slightly leaving only the port holes sticking past the end of the muzzle threads. Giving an overall shorter length on the end of my p10c but still seats solid and doesn’t back off.

  20. Thomas Smith (verified owner)

    A very good compensator for my Scorpion SBR. the front hand stop shows blackening from powder, My hand usually shows a u shaped white spot in black after a field day. It helps recoil though and keeps you on target through fast strings. My suppressor has more recoil.

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